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Game Mode: Traditional / Ultimate Team / Pro Clubs

Training is game, game is war! When it's worth money, it's the game of life!

Playing FIFA 23 on GoodGain, every match is a championship final. Can you imagine scoring that goal at the end of the game and winning a match with cash prizes? Put your team on the field and earn money for each victory or participate in daily championships with your team. 

Choose your favorite game mode and let's play!

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Ultimate Team

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Pro Clubs (em breve)

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Quick matches

  • X1 - Traditional / FUT
    Prize for victory from $ 14.40

  • Pro Clubs
    Prize for victory from $ 160.00

  • Profit
    60% of the registration fee

  • Format
    Single game

  • Schedule


  • Schedule
    Every day at 22:00

  • Participants
    16 spots

  • Format
    Elimination (single game)

  • phases
    Eighth - Quarter - Semi - Final

  • Profit
    Up to 1,000%* of the registration fee between champion and runner-up

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